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    Long Point Trail Elopement | New River Gorge

    Here are some of the best photos from Megan and Shawn’s Fayetteville, WV elopement overlooking the New River Gorge. Both the bride and groom are rock climbers, so we hiked the Long Point Trail and photographed their ceremony on the cliffs of the gorge. It was a lot of fun to get to know Megan and Shawn during our 2-mile trek through the forest. The New River Gorge bridge is one of West Virginia’s greatest treasures and it was really cool to be part of an intimate ceremony with the bridge on the horizon. After the ceremony Megan, Shawn and their closest friends and family shared champagne and cake on the bluff before beginning their return hike.

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    Elopement photos by best West Virginia wedding photographers The Oberports
    All photos taken at Long Point Trail, Fayetteville, WV overlooking the New River Gorge bridge

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    November 18, 2014



    LOVELY! I did a couple weddings like this this year, and I LOVED them! Such a neat, personal, intimate, unique concept. I think more couples should do it. 🙂


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